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Mallika Sherawat Indian Bollywood Actress Hot Pictures

Beautiful Indians : Mallika Sharawat
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Malaika sherawat the most glamorous girl in bollywood india.  In a light green shirt earing fruits

About Mallika Sherawat :

Mallika Sherawat borin in 1981 in Hariyana India.

She studied in Delhi Public Schoo.She obtained a degree in Indian philosophy from Delhi University.

Sherawat is known for her courage to express her opinions in public.

She also made news when she won a small role in a Jackie Chan movie, The Myth; she made a widely publicized appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote The Myth.

Sherawat has been voted as one of Asia's 100 most beautiful people by the Hong Kong based fashion and beauty magazine

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mallika sherawat a gorgeous and sexy idol of indian bollywood. Mallika sherawat with her arm pits exposed. Mallika sherawat with her naval exposed lying on a carpet


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